Vacuum Tanker Service

What you should know

With a range of vacuum tankers throughout the country, Landmark Specialist Solution has the capability of dealing with the removal of waste and deposits from a range of different of structures.

We provide vacuum tankers to manipulate commercial, municipal and industrial bulk liquid wastes, ranging from trade effluents, off spec and contaminated products, sewage, material from spills, etc.

Landmark Specialist Solutions provides a nationwide vacuum tanker service for removing and cleaning a variety of different liquid waste types from a wide range of commercial and industrial premises. Our services range from using tankers to collect and transport waste water for utility companies, to removing trade effluent from the drinks manufacturing industry. We also collect and dispose of waste from septic tanks, chambers and cesspits (or cesspools as you may know them), manhole and lift chambers, lagoons and petrol station interceptors, to name a few.

Our highly-trained and resourceful teams quickly source, remove and dispose of any waste material in a responsible and legal manner, whilst making sure that all the paperwork is taken care of.  


We can provide:

  • Liquid Waste Collection and Disposal

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Emergency and Spill Response

  • Forecourt Services

  • Agricultural Services

  • Gully and Cleaning Services

  • Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying

  • Sludge Removal