Slip Testing

What you should know

A large percentage of all accidents that affect the general public are slips or trips and in today's increasingly litigious society the potential cost of this can be high. Floors in shopping centres, office receptions, and other public buildings tend to be marble, stone or tile due to the high levels of pedestrian traffic, and if these are maintained wrongly, they can become a slip hazard.

Landmark Specialist Solutions provides a nationwide service to slip test your hard floors.

There is a difference between a floor looking aesthetically pleasing and it being a safe floor.

Slips form a large percentage of injuries in public environments and workplaces each year and with companies increasingly encouraging people to make claims, the costs to property owners can be high. However, the risk of incidents can be minimised by putting the correct measures in place. Floor slip testing verifies floor performance in both a dry and wet state and helps to identify and manage wear and tear, contamination and cleaning residues. As floor surface's slip resistance will change over time depending on volume of pedestrian traffic, cleaning regime, surface durability and environmental conditions, it is recommended that testing on at least an annual basis be employed. Regular slip testing will demonstrate showing a 'Duty of Care' to staff and visitors and provides a robust defence in the event of possible litigation.


Landmark Specialist Solutions can provide both pendulum and friction slip testing. Both methods are approved by the HSE and carried out in line with the relevant British Standard. On completion of the test, all reports are detailed, including readings taken, observations made and advice given to make your floors comply.