Oil Bioremediation

What you should know

Oil Bioremediation is the restoring of a surface, object, soil or groundwater which has been contaminated with oil, to a condition that is not harmful to plant or animal life.

Are you looking to deal with oil spills in a quick, effective, and environmentally friendly manner? Oil spill clean up can be fast and easy using Landmark Specialist Solutions range of absorbents and bioremediation products.

In order to clean up contaminated soil and water in the most effective way possible, we harness the power of oil eating microbes in our various products. These micro organisms digest oil, converting it to harmless naturally occurring waste products. The microbes are cultivated, not genetically engineered, to eat oil and other organic substances such as paraffin, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons. They convert oil, petrol, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons into harmless, naturally occurring products environmentally safe for human, animal, plant and aquatic life. 

Landmark Specialist Solutions remediation services will do the following:

  • Work silently, invisibly and rapidly 24/7

  • Break down harmful hydrocarbons, both above and below ground level

  • Turn hydrocarbon into harmless top soil

  • Assist in breaking down existing organic matter and other industrial/agricultural runoff pollutants


Each project has its own unique requirements and challenges. Let our specialist teams take the guesswork out of your bioremediation project