Oil and Fuel Spill

What you should know

Landmark Specialist Solutions is a nationwide provider of spill response services for all commercial and public sector spills of oils, lubricants and a wide range of different chemicals.

Landmark Specialist Solutions is a leading company in the field of emergency spill response. Whether it is dealing with oil, fuel, chemicals, or other hazardous materials, we have the capability and expertise to tackle every emergency from a minor oil spill to a major incident.

Rapid response, expert analysis and prompt action are the keys to containing oil and chemical spills. Based nationwide and on call 24 hours a day, our highly trained professional teams are equipped with the latest spill and cleanup technology and can react quickly to any requirement.

Spill Response Services Include:

  • 24 hour emergency spill response (inland or marine)

  • Sampling and analysis

  • Environmental site investigations

  • Equipment and boom hire

  • Tanker rollover product recovery

  • Mobile oil / water separators

  • Remediation of contaminated sites

  • Project management and reporting

  • Site regulatory compliance audits

  • Contingency planning