Kitchen Extract Additional Services

What you should know

Unfortunately, either due to the passing of time or the inefficiency of the original installers, many premises no longer have detailed plans of their kitchen extract system. These plans are important from both a legislative perspective and an auditing / management viewpoint.


Landmark Specialist Solutions will survey and draw detailed plans of your ductwork if required.


Access hatches are required for cleaning and TR19 specifies how many there should be and where these should be located


Finally, as part of the ductwork cleaning, we can supply and fit replacement filters to the system.

Plans Drawn

Having accurate plans of your systems readily available is a legal requirement. Where plans do not exist we can survey and produce accurate drawings of your system as installed. All of our plans are colour coded, highlighting the system from canopy to atmosphere, identifying the position of all access hatches, fire and smoke dampers and fans.

Detailed plans will also form an integral requirement for the system auditing process going forward.

There are many elements of kitchen extract duct work which may need to be considered separately for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Landmark Specialist Solutions are in a position to provide advice and assistance on the legislative requirements of each element.

Access Doors Fitted

Landmark Specialist Solutions can fit any type of access door to your system, where full access is currently not possible.

Section 7 of TR/19 Second Edition (Specific Considerations for Kitchen Extract Systems) provides specific guidance on the location of access panels (or doors) to kitchen grease extract systems for inspection purposes.

Filters Replaced 

Landmark Specialist Solutions can supply many additional services including the provision of replacement filters. Carrying this out at the same time as the duct cleaning offers savings.

Galvanised Mesh Filters

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Stainless Steel Mesh Filters

Activated Carbon Filters