Kitchen Deep Cleaning

What you should know

Putting your customers and staff at risk due to poor kitchen hygiene  could result in breaking the law under the The Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Safety Act.

For total peace of mind, speak to our professional deep cleaning services team at Landmark Specialist Solutions.

If your business relies on preparing and serving food, you have no choice but to take hygiene very seriously. At Landmark, we understand the requirements you need to meet in order to comply with laws and regulations, pass inspections based on Food Standards Agency guidelines, and keep your staff and customers safe from all health and safety risks.

At Landmark Specialist Solutions, we offer much more than just standard cleaning services. Our experienced teams use only the best techniques to conduct an extremely thorough and effective deep clean of your entire kitchen. We have built a reputation as a specialist company with extremely high standards, and whatever state your commercial kitchen is in, we will make sure our work meets or exceeds your expectations every time.  Unlike many alternative providers, we approach this task responsibly and we are fully equipped to do everything we need to in order to get the job done, including the provision of swab testing and analysis to give you an audit trail and compliance evidence. 

Areas to be de-greased include:

  • All equipment and work surfaces

  • All walls and metal ceilings

  • All structure 

  • Dishwashers and ovens

  • Conveyors


All work is signed off, tested where required and a report prepared on completion to enhance your audit protocol.