Guano Removal

What you should know

Guano (bird droppings) can damage buildings and structures due to its acidic nature.  It can also harbour mites and several diseases such as E.coli, Psittacosis and Salmonella. The dust from dried Guano can also enter building AC systems leading to respiratory problems.


Landmark Specialist Solutions provides a professional nationwide service for all your   guano removal requirements.

Acidic guano corrodes surfaces leaving them vulnerable and in need of repair. Apart from this damage to the building and the aesthetic impact, far more serious are the consequences to human health. Landmark Specialist Solutions specialises in the removal of waste and the cleaning and disinfection of areas that have been contaminated by pigeon guano.


We start with a survey of your property and carry out a full risk assessment to ensure the work can be carried out safely without danger to the building occupants and the general public. Our trained and accredited technicians will then implement a full cleaning programme removing all the guano which is then securely bagged up and safely disposed of. 


We can also provide advice on how to deter pigeons from returning in the future.