Graffiti Removal

What you should know

Unfortunately, graffiti is a problem everywhere from major cities to small rural areas. It can damage your business's image and make your premises seem unattractive to visitors.

Landmark Specialist Solutions can help you, wherever you are in the UK, and we can help restore graffiti damaged areas to their original condition using specially designed removal agents, paints or coatings that can even make for an easy clean-up in case of future graffiti attacks.

Graffiti attracts more graffiti unless it is removed promptly. To avoid an area turning into a graffiti hotspot, the quicker it is removed, the better. If left for perhaps weeks or even months, the solvent will dry into the pores of the brick, becoming more difficult to remove. The sooner we get to the graffiti and a remover is used, the easier it is to remove without leaving a shadow or “ghost”.  

Landmark Specialist Solutions has many years of experience removing Graffiti without damaging surfaces across the UK. Our technicians are highly-trained and specialists with expertise to be able to identify both the product used to create the graffiti and the surface type. This enables them to choose the correct removal method which will completely remove the graffiti without damaging the original surface.

Careful attention to detail is required when removing graffiti as no two methods of removal are the same. Some graffiti removal products and services can make a surface end up looking worse than before the removal process began. A simple bit of analysis of the surface and the substance used for the graffiti is the first step in determining the best approach to the situation. How you remove spray can or aerosol paint from a brick wall is very different to how you remove permanent marker from glass or a painted surface.

We have experience and knowledge to remove all types of graffiti and in many cases can also protect the original surface making it less prone to damage from further graffiti attacks without altering the original appearance.