Food Processing Plants

What you should know

The need for high levels of hygiene in food production areas is obvious, and the cleaning regime and methods have to be as efficient as the productions systems they clean up after.

Landmark Specialist Solutions offers nationwide coverage by specialist teams to ensure your facility's cleanliness.

Regular deep cleaning of food manufacturing facilities is critical to reduce the risk of pest infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination. This contamination can be caused through decomposing food matter, and other deposits, building up between the edges of wall junctions, high level areas and inside food production machinery. We can provide a comprehensive deep cleaning service for food manufacturing areas and machinery to ensure facilities are able to meet a number of audit standards. Our solutions ensure all waste food deposits are removed and downtime to your production schedule is reduced to a minimum.


Our service includes:

  • High Level Pipe Work, Ducting and Ledges Cleaned

  • Dust, Powder and Flour Removal

  • Machinery Cleaning

  • Bio Sweep Service

  • Sterilisation

  • Swab Testing

Normally these works are best planned to coincide with plant shut downs or other maintenance activities, however they can also be carried out on a reactive basis if necessary.