Fire and Smoke Restoration

What you should know

If your home or business has been damaged by fire or smoke, Landmark Specialist Solutions offers a 24/7 nationwide service to quickly restore your property.

We recognise that no two incidents of fire and smoke damage are  the same and each incident requires it's own bespoke plan. Our primary objective however is to return the damaged property to its pre-existing condition.

Fire and smoke damage goes beyond burnt and damaged items, there are many other effects.  Chemicals given off during the fire can be corrosive meaning the ash and smoke can continue to cause damage if they are left behind. There may be water damage and surfaces may be wet due to the efforts to fight the fire. Odours from the smoke will penetrate the structure and if not removed will stay in a room long after the event. Soot will quickly discolour walls and surfaces.

Our highly-trained and certified technicians will follow a structured process to survey the property, identify the source of the fire, identify any items where the fire may have caused the release of dangerous chemicals, assess the damage to both the structure and household items and finally devise a full restoration programme.​​