Kitchen Extract Ducting Auditing

What you should know

TR19 guidelines highlight the current best practice for ensuring that kitchen extract systems are maintained to minimise the risk of fire associated with grease accumulation.


The build up of grease also presents a    hygiene hazard which  can lead to foul odours and even pest infestation.

Landmark Specialist Solutions use the latest grease depth technology when auditing your systems. Previously when taking readings, the industry would calculate grease depth to the nearest 50 micron, but now, using this technology, we can measure to a single micron.

'Live' technology is adopted to alert your managers of any sites classed as non-compliant or approaching non-compliancy on the same day as tested. This enables your managers to be proactive in managing all systems on your sites

All audit reports include grease depth readings, locations and photographic evidence, backed up with system plans if required.

200 Micron Maximum Mean Average Reading

500 Micron Maximum Individual Reading​

The above micron readings are a visual indication of the maximum grease and oil depths allowed in any system in order to be compliant with TR19. Many clients are unaware of or are unable to measure the minimal amount of grease and fats required to trigger the benchmark for deep cleaning to ensure compliance.