Duct Cleaning

What you should know

In many buildings, ductwork systems are essential for the distribution of fresh and conditioned air throughout the space. Over time these will become dirty, affecting the quality of air, and require cleaning.

Landmark Specialist Solutions has highly trained and experienced staff available to complete this work. 

Whether you are in an office, factory, hospital or hotel, our highly-qualified, well-trained staff with Industrial Rope Access Technique Association (IRATA) and Confined Space certification can help maintain your HVAC ductwork.

Almost always the ductwork is hidden from view and over time there will be an accumulation of debris, dirt and dust. If left, this debris may harbour bacteria or provide a breeding/feeding ground for insects or other vermin. Fresh air in buildings is the key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions as well as staff morale, and the lack of it can seriously effect staff productivity.   

To address these problems access must be gained to the duct system. Even even in recently installed ductwork, it is likely that additional doors will be required to fully clean the system to the TR19 recommendations. Once access is gained, a variety of methods can be used to dislodge the dirt and debris from the internal surfaces prior to vacuum removal. If necessary, the ductwork system can be disinfected and sterilised on completion.