Commercial kitchens must be clean and hygienic at all times to prevent the possible spread of bacteria, food from becoming contaminated, the potential for illness to both staff and customers. In addition to this there is a requirement to prevent possible fire hazards from accumulation of flammable substances especially grease within the kitchen.


In addition to the daily cleaning regime carried out by in-house staff, busy kitchens often need the addition of a periodic hygiene deep clean to ensure everywhere is fully clean. Landmark Specialist Solutions will also carry out swab testing and analysis to provide audit records as to the kitchen's cleanliness.

Certain areas such as extract canopies and ductwork will require specific attention and we can provide cleaning solutions which meet the requirements of TR19, which lays out detailed requirements in respect of cleaning in these areas.

To prevent drain blockages and other issues, we also provide a full range of grease management solutions for your kitchen.


Operating nationwide, we are ideally placed to meet all your kitchen and ductwork cleaning requirements.