Bio-Contamination / Trauma Cleaning

What you should know

Trauma cleaning is less about the actual cleaning but more so to do with making an area safe; just because you cannot see a risk, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Providing a nationwide service, our technicians are fully qualified and equipped to deal with any trauma scene.

Blood, vomit, faeces, urine and other bodily fluids all pose a serious health risk to those who come into contact with them. So when an incident occurs involving any of these, the area needs to be professionally cleaned and sanitised to ensure the safety of other occupants, visitors or passers-by who enter the premises. 

Landmark Specialist Solutions has operatives, all trained to BDMA (British Damage Management Association) levels and available 24/7 nationwide who will help ensure your premises are restored quickly and efficiently, whilst eliminating any health risks associated with hazardous contaminants. We have the necessary experience to complete any trauma cleaning work with professionalism and compassion, as well as the expert knowledge required for the safe removal of materials after a traumatic event.