Air Quality Testing

What you should know

Good air quality is essential for our health and quality of life. Within buildings, the removal of any pollutants, contaminants or odours can be particularly important as the air within the building can be recirculated a number of times.

Air quality testing on a regular basis helps monitor performance, identify any problems and ensure a healthy building environment. 

The quality of the air within a building can be affected by a number of factors, some external, some within the building itself. The results of poor air quality often include people experiencing symptoms such as headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, shortness of breath and irritations. The level of concentration at which people react varies from one individual to another, so it is quite normal for only a number of occupants to notice and react to the contaminant. People may also experience different symptoms as a reaction to the same pollutant. It is therefore important that a full analysis of the air quality is carried out to identify the potential contaminant and it's source.   

Landmark Specialist Solutions have performed many air quality assessments within commercial premises and office buildings where poor air quality was an issue. We employ modern scientific investigation techniques to identify likely causes of the problem and perform a range of chemical and biological sampling and analysis to identify the offending irritants and suggest the most optimal control solutions.

Landmark Specialist Solutions can test the air quality in your building and make recommendations for improvement if required. 


Services include a detailed Workplace Assessment Report which can include any of the following:

  • Sick Building Syndrome

  • Air Quality Testing

  • Air Velocity Testing

  • Particulate Counts

  • Temperature Mapping

  • Stack Emissions