Air Handling Unit Auditing

What you should know

Air Handling Units are critical to the supply of fresh air within buildings.  While regular filter changes remove the majority of dust and bacteria, overtime the AHU interior will also become dirty and require cleaning.

The benefit of air conditioning inspections​ is that they are designed to improve the efficiency, energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions of the air conditioning systems installed in your building.

Although there is no legal requirement for you to act on the recommendations made on our report, many of the saving opportunities we will identify will be low cost or no cost changes, which can be implemented quickly and inexpensively and the savings made will often cover the cost of your inspection.


Your air conditioning inspection report will include the following information:

  • The efficiency of the system and suggestions for improvement.

  • Any faults identified during the inspection and suggested actions.

  • The adequacy of equipment maintenance and any suggestions for improvement.

  • The adequacy of the installed controls and control settings and any suggestions made for improvement.

  • The size of the installed system in relation to the cooling loads and any suggestions for improvement.

  • Temperature mapping.

  • Air testing.