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Ensuring your business remains compliant at all times is paramount in today’s business environment, where the potential impact and consequences of non compliance can be substantial both in terms of reputation as well as financially.

Landmark Specialist Solutions is a dynamic company providing a range of specialist services to the corporate sector. These are principally specialist cleaning services where compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements is critical. In most cases the works are certified and a written completion report incorporating photographs, performance measurements and, where required, swab test results are provided.

Our dedicated service teams are strategically located throughout the whole of the UK to provide a quick response on a national basis. All of our teams specialise in specific services and are fully trained and competent. 

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Management of cleaning within food production and storage facilities is of critical importance. The results need to be both measurable and audited.

Storage silos present additional problems in terms of access and working within a confined space.

Landmark Specialist Solutions has the experience, knowledge and specialist teams to successfully complete this work and keep your locations compliant


Landmark Specialist Solutions can manage the cleaning of your commercial kitchen premises whether your requirement is extract duct cleaning, grease management or simply a deep clean. We can also audit conditions within the kitchen to provide improved management information and ensure ongoing compliance. 


Providing a positive working environment is critical to both recruiting and retaining staff as well as staff health and attendance. Without adequate monitoring and remedial action, your air supply and air conditioning systems can spread bugs, viruses and contaminated air throughout your premises to the detriment of your staff and clients. 

Having a balanced system and achieving consistent temperatures throughout the building is also paramount.


Spills of liquids such as oil, chemicals, blood or other body fluids can pose a danger to the environment as well as innocent bystanders. It is therefore vital that any occurrences are dealt with speedily and efficiently using the correct procedures and equipment. 

Our specialist staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with these types of occurrences, resolving the problem quickly.


Whether it is an overflowing and blocked drain, leaking drain or even blocked toilets, Landmark Specialist Solutions understand that any kind of drain issue can rapidly become a large scale problem and that you need your drains cleared or repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our fully trained staff have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with any drainage issue. We use the most advanced drainage technology available allowing us to save you both time and money and speedily resolve the situation.   


Similarly to air, water can carry a range of viruses and bugs some more serious than others. All commercial buildings should have a regime in place to ensure clean and virus free water. Just assuming it's the water supplier's responsibility is not enough, there is a statutory requirement on both building owners and the tenants within.

Our specialist staff can provide a full range of services to ensure both the quality of water and your compliance. 


Landmark Specialist Solutions offers a range of specialist cleaning services for the commercial market. Whether your premises have been affected by flood, fire, smoke or graffiti, our trained staff have the knowledge, skills and right equipment to deal with the problem speedily and efficiently.

We can also provide chewing gum removal, guano removal and a range of other cleaning services.  Contact us for a speedy response.


Slip testing of hard floors particularly in communal areas and entrances to buildings is a key activity to ensure the safety of staff and the general public and reduce the potential for any claims in the event of a slip.